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New York Work Injury Law Blog

A guide to ladder safety

Ladders are necessary components of any New York construction site. Nevertheless, any workplace tool that involves climbing to a point that's higher than your body will increase the chance that you will suffer a serious injury.

Let's say you're painting a two-story wall at a construction site. You may need to elevate yourself to reach the highest parts of the wall. The problem is, our bodies aren't meant to fall from heights. Falling while standing on ground level is the extent that a human should ever have to endure.

Scaffold regulations: Is my workplace in compliance?

If you're a New York construction worker, there's a good chance that you regularly find yourself working on a scaffold. In fact, you might spend all day, every day working on a scaffold. These important pieces of construction equipment are useful to reach high places and provide a sturdy work surface from which to perform different building tasks.

Because scaffolds elevate workers high up in the air, however, they can also be dangerous. This is why the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has written a number of strict safety regulations that construction sites must adhere to when it comes to using scaffolds.

Post-traumatic stress disorder might occur after a car crash

Being involved in a car accident can lead to serious injuries. However, not all of the injuries are easily noticeable. Some injuries, such as emotional trauma aren't visible to the naked eye, but they do have just as big of an impact on the victim as a physical injury.

Emotional trauma has considerable effects on a person's life. Some people might be tempted to tell the victim to just get over it and move on with life. This isn't usually possible, especially if the problem has gotten so severe that it is post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

New York construction fatalities on the rise

As development has increased throughout New York, so have construction fatalities. The spike in building projects has caused developers to clash with unions over working conditions. Issues such as a lack of safety training and poor reporting standards led the City Council to begin discussing changes in legislation since the beginning of 2017.

During a two-year period from the beginning of 2015 to the end of 2016, there were 24 construction-related deaths. Of these, only two were bystanders while the remaining 22 were construction workers. Most of the worker deaths occurred at buildings that were constructed by non-union workers.

How to lessen the likelihood of a scaffold accident

In the construction industry, the use of scaffolds is extremely common. With this, workers are able to work at height in a fast and efficient manner.

Unfortunately, just the same as a ladder, working on a scaffold increases the likelihood of a serious accident. Along with this, any accident could cause injury or a fatality.

Federal repeal of 'blacklisting rule' could affect worker safety

During the last administration, workers’ rights groups and unions pushed for a rule to protect workers. This rule, enacted in 2015, was often referred to as the “blacklisting rule." It required that any company bidding on federal projects with budgets above half a million dollars to report violations of fourteen critical worker safety and labor laws.

These companies were also required to report any pending complaints against them, regardless of whether or not the courts had already reviewed the claims.

5 questions to ask after a car accident

Motor vehicle accidents can lead to some very serious injuries. With the frantic manner that many drivers take to the road in New York, it is easy to think that you will be involved in an accident on any given day.

If you are involved in a crash and suffer an injury, such as a spinal cord injury or broken bone, you might find that your road to recovery is going to be a long one. Throughout the course of the recovery, you are going to need to be able to cover normal life expenses, as well as expenses incurred because of the injury. Here are five questions to ask yourself if you are considering seeking compensation:

Fall from a ladder? You may have legal options

Each and every year, many workers in New York fall from ladders and suffer injuries. If you have recently suffered a fall from a ladder, then you should not hesitate to consult with an experienced attorney who understands New York's unique ladder laws to determine what legal options you may have for fair compensation.

In broad strokes, you may have a few avenues to pursue if you suffered a fall from a ladder. In some cases, a fall from a ladder may be a workplace safety issue, while in other cases, it may be a product liability issue.

Cyclist Fatally Struck By Box Truck In Manhattan

Kelly Hurley, 31, of the Lower East Side, has died from the injuries she sustained after falling off her bicycle and being struck by a box truck on First Avenue and East Ninth Street, police said.


The driver of the box truck, whose name has not been released, made a left turn onto Ninth Street when Hurley slipped off her bike and into the path of the truck. The truck did not have a crossover mirror, which is required for large trucks with front blind spots by city law, officials said.


According to officials, the driver turned onto the rightmost lane, crossing four traffic lanes before making a left-turn and striking Hurley. The driver made a complete stop before the turn.


The driver was slapped with a summons for the crossover mirror. The investigation is ongoing and the no arrests have been made yet, officials said.