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April 2013 Archives

Are older Americans more likely to die in traffic accidents?

Pedestrian accidents are particularly devastating because people often have nothing to protect them from the impact of a powerful motor vehicle. Pedestrians in New York City and beyond often suffer serious and sometimes fatal injuries when they are involved in a traffic accident.

24-year-old man dies in recent construction accident

Although construction jobs are more risky than a lot of other jobs, construction workers in New York City and beyond often head to their jobs each day, like others, expecting that they will make it back home safely. They expect that measures have been taken to protect them from serious injuries.

Lack of inspections and improper maintenance led to 2011 elevator death

People in New York City and others elsewhere ride elevators frequently. People usually get on elevators without concern. However, an elevator can malfunction when it has not been properly maintained. An elevator accident can cause serious injuries and even death.

Update: Worker Luis Camarillo Killed In Same Way Clients of Morgan Levine Injured

Updating our previous blog regarding Luis Camarillo, who was killed this weekend in Brooklyn when he was crushed by a garbage truck, the investigation has revealed he was caught by the truck's hydraulic arm.  

Multi-vehicle crash in Queens sends 6 to the hospital

New York City residents, like others living elsewhere, often wave goodbye to family members as they get into their vehicles to drive to their destination. They expect that they will make it back home without any problems. However, a car accident can cause serious injuries, turning an uneventful day into a chaotic one.