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February 2014 Archives

New York trooper involved in accident in stable condition

New York residents who spend a lot of time on the road know how common car accidents are. Just by observing the roads, one gets a sense of how frequently these accidents occur; it is not uncommon to see two vehicles pulled onto the shoulder after a crash. Anyone who has ever been in a car accident is likely aware of how suddenly an accident occurs. One minute someone may be peacefully listening to their car radio, and the next they are being violently thrown around as they lose control of their vehicle.

New York City bus driver killed on job by alleged drunk driver

Accidents can happen at any type of workplace, but some New York workers have risks that others don't. Fortunately, the state's workers' compensation system can help these workers or their families when something terrible happens.

Min Lin, 36-Year-Old Pregnant Woman, Struck and Killed by Snow Plow

A snow plow driver, 42-year-old Wu Wu, has been ticketed after backing over and killing a pregnant woman in Brooklyn Thursday.  Once again, no criminal charges have been filed for yet another senseless negligent act of a driver on New York City streets.

Report reveals New York's 'deadliest street'

Recent data reveals that out of all New York City streets, Broadway, one of the city's most famous, has the highest number of incidents of fatal car accidents involving pedestrians. The Tri-State Transportation Campaign conducted a study of accidents from 2010 to 2012 and found that 420 pedestrians in New York City were killed during that time, with the highest number for one street -- nine -- on Broadway.

4 deaths quickly follow mayor's vow to improve NYC street safety

New York City earned its reputation as "The City That Never Sleeps" the hard way. As residents seem to be in continual motion, thousands of buses, taxis, trucks and emergency vehicles pose a constant hazard to each other and to the city's many pedestrians and bicyclists.

NHTSA investigating Toyota Camry vehicles

Toyota Camry owners in New York may be interested to learn that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has begun probing numerous safety-related complaints regarding the vehicle. More specifically, at least 30,000 Camry Hybrid sedans from 2007 and 2008 are under evaluation following reports of losses to their assisted braking capability - 40 percent of such incidents are believed to have occurred at speeds greater than 40 mph. NHTSA representatives claim to have received 59 such complaints, most of which have been reported in the last eight months alone. In response, Toyota has released a statement saying that it intends to comply with the government's investigation.