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May 2014 Archives

Two-vehicle crash involves two New York police officers

Everyone is protected by certain rights on the road. Regardless of whether someone is a police officer or a commuter, the laws of the road are for the most part the same. The law of negligence requires people to behave in a way that is in line with certain standards of conduct. Anyone who is injured as a result of someone failing to abide by these standards may be eligible for compensation. Proving negligence can be difficult and often requires legal expertise and experience.

Woman Hit By Airborne Saw Blade In Hell's Kitchen

A woman was struck this morning by a circular blade that shot off a worker's saw at 9th Avenue near 48th Street, sending her to the hospital.  The blade shot off the job repairing a water main around 8:30 a.m., bouncing off the curb and sailing 10 feet into the air before crashing down on the leg of the 43-year-old woman, police said. She was taken to Bellevue Hospital with minor physical injuries, though the trauma will almost certainly linger for years--hers, as well as everyone else forced to witness the terrifying ordeal.

Workplace injuries drain NY economy to the tune of billions

Sadly, workplace injuries are a reality that many New Yorkers will have to face. Especially in workplace environments where hazards are ubiquitous, like construction sites and industrial areas, there is always a chance that employees will one day suffer work-related injuries. When such an incident occurs, employees are often unable to resume their usual duties and thus lose out on wages. In addition to lost wages, they may also be burdened with medical expenses. Thankfully, though, New York employees have rights.

Three sent to hospital after two-car accident in New York

A car accident can spawn many expenses that victims often do not anticipate. While many are thankful to have survived such accidents, they are also often surprised and shocked when they discover the many expenses that they are expected to shoulder.

Fall seriously injures New York construction worker

Unfortunately, construction site accidents are common occurrences. Due to the nature of the work and the many hazards present on construction sites, construction workers are at constant risk of suffering work-related injuries. Even with the many OSHA regulations aimed at promoting workplace safety, these accidents still continue to occur. While it may not always be possible to prevent construction accidents, victims are often able to pursue compensation for damages that result from such accidents when they do occur.

Garbage truck crash in New York leaves 2 injured

In what seems like a second, a person's life can be forever changed in a car accident. Although they may not be aware of it at the time, that split second can spawn myriad complications that can prove to be dramatically life-altering for victims. Not only can a car accident inflict a victim with physical injuries, causing long-term pain and suffering and requiring long-term treatment, a car accident can result in a plethora of medical expenses that can be highly burdensome for victims and their families.