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March 2015 Archives

Can Investigators Be Trusted In Determining The Cause Of East Village Building Explosion?

While the City is probing whether the East Village building owner Maria Hrynenko illegally tapped into gas main, families mourn the loss of their loved ones and wait for news from doctors as to the prognosis of their loved one who have been injured.  The blast killed 2, including Nicholas Figueroa and seriously injured dozens.  One victim remains hospitalized at this time.  Investigators are gathering up gas main and building records in an escalating criminal probe of what caused the fatal building explosion last week in the East Village.  

Enz's of East Village Building Explosion

Another explosion in the City of New York occurred earlier today.  The blast happened at 125 2nd Avenue near East 7th Street.  This is the second explosion in so many years.  The attorneys of Morgan Levine Dolan recently filed a lawsuit against Con Edison and the City of New York for the Harlem building explosion of March 12, 2014.

Friday the 13th Harlem crash sends 11 to area hospitals

For the superstitious, seeing Friday the 13th on the calendar may be enough to keep them away from any crowded street. As most New Yorkers know, major intersections throughout the city have a good chance of being crowded most of the day and some of the night. This can mean dozens of vehicles - cars, motorcycles, mopeds, trucks and bicycles - are competing for space and moving quickly. The chances for a car accident are high if just one vehicle operator is not paying attention or violates a fundamental traffic law.