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May 2015 Archives

Another Seven Figure Settlement From Morgan Levine Dolan

This month we secured a $1,525,000.00 settlement from the City of New York and another defendant for a laborer who sustained back injuries at a Bronx construction site on East 75th Street.  The laborer, who was paid in cash, maintained that an unshored trench in the roadway collapsed, causing him to fall approximately six to eight feet, sustaining his injuries.  The general contractor at the site insisted that the trench did not collapse, and testified that he had seen the laborer deliberately throw himself into the excavation.  Despite the contractor's somewhat astonishing allegations, after years of litigation, we were able to negotiate over 1.5 million dollars in restitution for the worker.

New York experiencing an epidemic in construction worker injuries

Construction workers provide an important service. They dig the tunnels, they pave the roads, they build the buildings. Without construction workers, New York would not be the great city that it is. But while construction workers provide a critical service to the city, they do not have the safest job. Far from it. Accidents at construction sites claim too many lives every year.

We help New Yorkers pursue premises liability claims

With ownership comes responsibility. Every New Yorker who owns a home, a piece of property or who runs a business that is open to the public has a responsibility to keep their premises reasonably safe. If they do not and it leads to an accident, they may have to pay to make it right.

Where Are The Most Pedestrian Accidents In NYC?

A collection of open city data on pedestrian car collisions from 2011 through 2015 revealed the most dangerous places to walk in New York City. The data confirmed that areas with reduced speed limits have fewer collisions, Fast Company reported.

Can a driver's brief inattention really cause a car accident?

Many New Yorkers have done it: they have glanced at their cell phone, fiddled with the radio or checked out people in another nearby vehicle. What is the harm of that? After all, it only takes a moment. But according to a new study, even a moment can be dangerous; it just depends what happens in that moment.

Last Victims Named In Amtrak Train Wreck

A final body was recovered from the wreckage of the Philadelphia Amtrak train derailment on Thursday, bringing the death toll to eight and more than 200 people injured. By Thursday afternoon, all of the names of the victims had been released.

Survivor Accounts Reveal 'Chaos' During And After Amtrak Crash

By midday Wednesday, officials were still scrambling to account for all of the passengers in the Philadelphia Amtrak derailment accident. Those who came out of the train told a harrowing tale of twisted metal, flying objects, and bloodshed.

Naval Cadet, AP Staffer Among Dead In Amtrak Train Crash

A U.S. Naval Academy midshipmen from Queens and an Associated Press staffer were among the seven dead in the Philadelphia Amtrak train derailment that also left 200 people injured, according to various media sources.

Amtrak Train Derailment Kills 7, Injures Over 150 Passengers

A New York-bound Amtrak train derailed on Tuesday night near Philadelphia, killing seven people and injuring dozens more. On Wednesday morning, at least 65 people were hospitalized, including eight who were listed in critical condition, according to Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter.

Drunk Driving Crash Kills 1, Injures Another

Anthony Sylvia, 28, of East Meadow was killed from injuries sustained in a car crash after riding with a drunk driver on Tuesday at 4:45 a.m., according to Nassau County Police. Sylvia was a passenger in the car of Michael Bantel, 27, of Massapequa who crashed head-on into another car in oncoming traffic on Sunrise Highway, police said.

Child Killed By Taxi Collision In Front Of School

Twelve-year-old Ervi Secundino was struck and killed by a taxi while crossing the street in front of his school. The boy was struck in front of P.S. 200 elementary and intermediate school on Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard just before 4 p.m., according to police.