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We defend New Yorkers hurt in car accidents

Driving can seem the like safest thing in the world -- until it is not. Too often when they set foot in a car, New Yorkers take for granted that they will get out of the car at their intended destination safe and sound. They do so for a natural reason, the vast bulk of trips start and finish in exactly that manner.

But the reality is that when people step into a car and head out on the road, they are surrounded by thousands of pounds of steel zipping across roads while other steel behemoths rush pass. One misstep or malfunction can send those hunks of metal slamming into each other.

When that happens, the humans inside the hunks of steel often do not fare well. Common harms include injuries to the neck, back and brain. Soft tissues injuries like whiplash are common too. And in the worst cases, paralysis or death can ruin a promising life.

It is best to prevent these harms through careful driving, but no amount of care can bring the risk to zero. Other drivers make mistakes -- they get distracted, they drive when they are sleepy and they drive when they are drunk. Car manufacturers can also mess up. In some situations, they design faulty cars, they manufacture substandard parts and they fail to warn people about serious but non-obvious risks.

Whatever the reason, New Yorkers hurt in a car accident can count on Morgan Levine Dolan, P.C. to hold those responsible accountable. We have help our clients recover over $130 million from those who injured them. Our experienced attorneys work to ensure that car accident victims get the compensation they need following a dangerous or deadly accident.

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