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April 2017 Archives

Federal repeal of 'blacklisting rule' could affect worker safety

During the last administration, workers’ rights groups and unions pushed for a rule to protect workers. This rule, enacted in 2015, was often referred to as the “blacklisting rule." It required that any company bidding on federal projects with budgets above half a million dollars to report violations of fourteen critical worker safety and labor laws.

Fall from a ladder? You may have legal options

Each and every year, many workers in New York fall from ladders and suffer injuries. If you have recently suffered a fall from a ladder, then you should not hesitate to consult with an experienced attorney who understands New York's unique ladder laws to determine what legal options you may have for fair compensation.

Cyclist Fatally Struck By Box Truck In Manhattan

Kelly Hurley, 31, of the Lower East Side, has died from the injuries she sustained after falling off her bicycle and being struck by a box truck on First Avenue and East Ninth Street, police said.

Fatal Fall at Times Square Construction Site Was Preventable

Jose Cruz, a 59-year-old construction worker from Sunset Park, died on Wednesday, April 12, after falling from an I-beam at 1604 Broadway (near W. 49th Street). As NYC Buildings Commissioner Rick Chandler informed reporters that the fall was "completely preventable" and that Cruz should have had "tie offs with his personal protection equipment, which he was wearing," the Department of Buildings stapled a stop work order at the site.

6 things to know about brain injuries

Construction workers are at risk of a host of injuries. One of those injuries is a brain injury. These injuries are troubling because the brain is the command center for the body. This means that brain injuries can impact every aspect of your life. If you suffer a brain injury at work or have a loved one who did, you need to know these six points.

5 things for construction workers in New York to know

The dangers facing construction workers are serious. One type of accident that might occur is especially troubling -- falls from considerable heights. Falling from even the top of a shorter ladder can lead to serious injuries. Employers must ensure that workers have what they need to stay safe and to minimize the risk of falls. Construction workers should know these five points about falls.