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Construction Workers' Injuries Archives

Fatal Fall at Times Square Construction Site Was Preventable

Jose Cruz, a 59-year-old construction worker from Sunset Park, died on Wednesday, April 12, after falling from an I-beam at 1604 Broadway (near W. 49th Street). As NYC Buildings Commissioner Rick Chandler informed reporters that the fall was "completely preventable" and that Cruz should have had "tie offs with his personal protection equipment, which he was wearing," the Department of Buildings stapled a stop work order at the site.

Shorter buildings pose heightened risk to construction workers

Considering that falls and falling objects are some of the biggest contributors to construction accidents, you might think that shorter buildings are overall safer for construction workers. You'd be mistaken, in that case.

5 tips to help keep construction workers safe

Construction workers are in a dangerous profession. There isn't any room for unsafe practices when you are in this industry. Employees count on employers to make sure they have the equipment, tools and other points necessary to get the job done safely. When safety isn't a priority, construction workers might end up becoming injured at work. Consider these points regarding construction worksite safety.

Construction workers, accidents and traumatic brain injury

As a commercial construction worker, there's nothing more important than your health and well-being. Not only should you take steps to remain safe throughout the day, but you expect your employer to do the same.

3 points construction workers should know about scaffolds

Construction workers in New York often work in high places. One option to reach these higher spaces is scaffolding. When used properly, scaffolding is a safe option. Ignoring safety protocol can lead to tragedy. Workers and employers can take specific steps to stop these tragedies from occurring.

Welding fumes can cause serious health problems

As a welder, you are well versed in safety procedures. You know to wear protective gear to avoid burns. You also know that your hood protects your eyes from the light of the torch. But, did you know that the fumes can be hazardous as well?

Your hardhat is not foolproof against traumatic brain injuries

As a new construction worker, you may think that all of the personal safety gear you wear will protect you from every accident. Unfortunately, this is not the case. If you do not wear your gear properly, it can fail. If your gear is defective, it can fail. And sometimes, the accident is so severe that your gear cannot completely protect you.

Construction worker falls 15 feet into Chelsea hole

Construction work is some of the highest risk work for injuries or even death on the job. So far in New York in 2016, 29 construction workers have been killed on the job. Due to the large machinery, the movement of heavy materials and many other risk factors, there is substantial risk to those who work in construction in New York and elsewhere.